The ‘Ofer’ Israeli military court, near Ramallah, sentenced on Sunday three children of al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron to consecutive terms, and imposed high fines on them.

The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that the court sentenced Wisam Saleh al-Badawi, 13, to two consecutive months and 1500 New Israeli Shekels fine, and his brothers Wajdi, 14, to three consecutive months, and 1500 NIS fine.

Also, the court sentenced Nour Majed al-Ra’ey, 14, to four consecutive months and 1500 NIS fine.

The three children were arrested three weeks ago after the army invaded the camp and conducted military searches of homes.

Moreover, the court sentenced Abdul-Aziz Mousa al-Tmeizy, 32, to four and a half consecutive months, and 5000 NIS fine.

Al-Tmeizy was arrested last month on a military checkpoint which was installed on Hebron – al-Thaheriyya road.

Sunday evening, Israeli policemen arrested two youth in Bir Shiva, north of the country after claiming that did not carry the needed permit to stay and work in Israel.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society identified the two youth as Yousef Amer al-Hreiny, 17, and Mohammad Moneer al-Hreiny, 17.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers arrested on Sunday a female university student on a military checkpoint which was installed at the entrance of al-Fawwar refugee camp in Hebron.

The Palestinian District Coordination Office reported that Nariman Ahmad al-Salameen, 28, from al-Sammoa village, was arrested and transferred to Asqalan prison.

Al-Salameen is of the Hebron branch of Al-Quds Open University.