The Islamic Jihad movement denied Israeli reports of foiling a double suicide bombing in Jerusalem after arresting two Islamic Jihad activists.

“The movement is committed to the truce” an Islamic Jihad source said.

Meanwhile, the movement said that it is possible that one of the Islamic Jihad cells planned to attacked Israeli targets in order to retaliate to the escalating military violations in the occupied territories, but such a retaliation was not confirmed.

The Israeli army arrested recently two members of the Islamic Jihad and claimed that the two admitted to planning a double suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

The Israeli security claims that Eyad al-Fawaghrah, 27 years old, from Bethlehem, and Mohammad Raddad, from Tulkarem, planned to carry out a suicide bombing in Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Also, the Israeli security reported on Wednesday that soldiers arrested five members of the Islamic Jihad earlier this week, but the arrest was released for public on Wednesday evening.

An Israeli security source claimed that the bombing was planned to be carried out in on a bus, a café or a synagogue, and that security men uncovered two explosive belts.

The source added that al-Fawaghrah intended to buy a car to transport the bombers from Ramallah to Bethlehem, and provide them with shelter before transferring them to Jerusalem.

The security arrested Mohammad abu Roomy, from al-Ezariyya near Jerusalem, who was released recently, and claimed that he was supposed to provide the bombers with the needed explosives.

Earlier on Thursday, soldiers arrested two members of the Islamic Jihad in al-Ma’sara area, east of Bethlehem.

The army claims that the two residents cooperated with al-Fawaghrah in order to plan and carry out the bombing.