Palestinian sources reported that Isam Mhameed 30, from Qalqilia, an operative of the Aqsa Brigades was killed in Balata refugee camp east of the West Bank city of Nablus.

Eyewitnesses said, four gunmen wearing Palestinian civilian clothes opened fire at Mhameed as he was in the camp.

The witnesses said the four gunmen are members of an Israeli special undercover units entered the camp on Wednesday morning and hid in one of the houses in the waiting for the prey.

Local sources reported that immediately after the assassination, six military vehicles entered the camp to cover the fleeing of the special unit. Palestinian youth hurled stones at the military that started shooting their automatic machine guns. No injuries were reported.

Another Aqsa Brigades operative, Wael Araysheh 26, was killed Tuesday as his gun exploded while he was driving his car in Al-Quds street in Nablus.

The assassination series continue among serious political efforts to realize an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza strip and attempt to resume peace talks.

Several Palestinian resistance leaders have warned that if assassinations do not stop, they will not accept cease-fire deals and will resume resistance.

On Tuesday, four Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army in Nablus.

Dr. Khaled Saleh of the A-Najah University in Nablus and his son Mohammed were killed as Israeli helicopter gunship fired a missile at a four story building in the West Bank city of Nablus.

As well, a resistance operative and an Israeli officer were killed in an exchange of fire between army and a Palestinian resistance group in the same area. 3 soldiers were also wounded, one seriously.

According to Army Radio, troops raided Ein Bet Al-Ma’a refugee camp in Nablus in an attempt to arrest a senior resistance operative.

Soldiers surrounded a four-story building and exchanged fire with a group of armed resistance operatives who sought refuge inside the building.

An officer and a resistance operative were killed and three soldiers were wounded in the exchange of fire.

Three more Palestinians were killed, including Saleh and his son, as army helicopter missiles were fired into the building.

Palestinian sources reported that army detonated the four-story building.