The E.U bloc Dutch presidency said Monday that the aid provided to Israel by the E. U depends on Israeli cooperation but at the same time the Duck Minister failed to condemn Israel over the court’s decision which ruled that the Separation Wall constructed in the West Bank is illegal.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister of the E.U meeting in Brussels said that the International Court’s “Advisory Opinion” is to be studied carefully.

Bernard Bot, the Dutch FM, whose country now holds the presidency of the E. U, implied possible consequences on Israel if it fails to cooperate with the Court’s decision in a more positive way.

“Our support to Israel, should be accompanied by Political dialogue”, Bot said.

Bot added that if Israel is not willing to engage in dialogue in a “satisfactory way”, then the E.U should consider consequences of the Israeli decision, but he didn’t talk about the “consequences” in details.

“We did not discuss this issue in deep details yet”

Bot, who described the process as a “Tango” during a press conference, said that two parts are needed to conduct the process, referring in his statement to Israel.

It is worth mentioning that the International Court of Justice condemned Israel for constructed the Separation wall, and considered it illegal and inflecting hardships on the lives of thousands of Palestinians.

The decision widely welcomed by the Palestinians and the Palestinian leadership, rejected and criticized by Israel, called on the General Assembly and the security Council, to stop the continuous constructions of the separation Wall in the west bank.

Meanwhile, Israel and the E.U are discussing signing a multi-billion dollar deal on satellite navigation system called “Galileo”, while Bot ruled out any possibility that the issue of the Wall would be an obstacle in signing this agreement.

“We have, I believe, to differentiate between the Separation Wall, and “Galileo, it was planned long time ago, and signature was planned and ready, it would be difficult to cancel it now, I think”, Bot added.

It is worth mentioning that the European Version of “Galileo” project will become operational in 2008, while the Global positioning System already exists in the United States.

Galileo has a system plan of 27 satellites with a varied range of potential usage, for guiding cars and ships to accurate positioning in engineering projects.