Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak kicked off Tuesday a campaign for Labor Throne by launching a fierce attack against Party leader Shimon Peres and other candidates.

Barak referred to Peres as the ‘loser’ and to other candidates, cabinet ministers Matan Vilanai and Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Histadrut Chairman Amir Peretz, as ‘flies’ buzzing around the ‘octogenarian Peres.’

Barak attack was launched in a press conference under the slogan ’14 days ahead of the elections, we vote for a prime minister – Ehud Barak.’

Environment Minister Shalom Simhon and MKs Amram Mitzna, Avraham (Beiga) Shochat, Danny Yatom and Colette Avital Attended the press conference in a bid to emphasize the support Barak enjoys from party MKs.

Polls have shown Peres to be the leader in the race for the party chief, but Barak loyalists says that Peres always win in polls but loses in elections.

The message Barak wanted to deliver was presenting himself as the only candidate capable of wining preliminary elections and presenting an alternative to the rule of Likud.

Commenting on his poor results in recent polls, Barak said that he does not care much for polls and that it has been proven in the past that polls were wrong in relation to his actual results.

‘At best polls express a mood. You don’t build a leadership out of polls. I know a candidate who always wins polls,’ said Barak hinting at Peres.