Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons decided to conduct an open ended hunger strike on Tuesday June 21 which is the date of the scheduled Sharon-Abbas meeting.

The detainees demand considering their release as an important part of any political solution, without postponing or labeling it, as the Israeli government is trying to force its own labels on this issue.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society, PPS, reported that the detainees demand a timetable for their release, and that Israel should start releasing the detainees who were arrested prior 1994, child detainees, women, sick, and female detainees.

Also, the detainees called
for nationwide activities in solidarity with them to demand the PA negotiators to prioritize their cause.

The Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouthi urged the P.A coordination committee for the Israeli withdrawal from the
strip and northern West Bank to demand the release of all Palestinian detainees living in every Palestinian area the army evacuates from.

Also, Barghouthi demanded a timetable for the release of the detainees, especially the detainees arrested before 1994, women and children.  

Barghouthi urged the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to exert maximum efforts to make the Israeli withdrawal coincide with an agreement to release all of the Palestinian detainees.