Palestinian Civil Affairs Minister Mohammed Dahlan said Monday the Palestinian Authority would not assume responsibility for clearing rubble left by the demolition of settler homes after Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip in August.

Speaking at the end of a Palestinian cabinet meeting, Dahlan said Israel is legally required to clear the rubble after destroying former settler homes, and the Palestinians expect to receive the land exactly as it was before the settlements were built.

Dahlan also accused Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of obstructing efforts to coordinate disengagement.

Dahlan’s comments reflect PA frustration over Israel’s refusal to coordinate central issues tied to the evacuation plan. From the Palestinian point of view, Israel’s demands that the PA provide security to ensure a quiet pullout ask the PA in effect to help Israel implement decisions it made unilaterally.

The Palestinian Authority hopes international involvement, primarily from Egypt, the United States, and the Quartet (the UN, the European Union, and Russia along with the US), can help reestablish real coordination.