Translated by: Saed Bannoura, IMEMC

A fundamental Jewish committee called “Working for Megdal” released a statement describing the existence of Arabs in Megdal Tiberius as a threat accusing them of destructing that state of Israel and seeking to control the city of Megdal.

For more than a week now, Jewish residents of the city on the shores of Tiberius, demand to expel seven Arab families that moved recently to live there, in addition to an eight family who has been living there for a long period.

The statement released, distributed and posted by the fundamental committee in several public places said: “recently, we have been witnessing attempts to control the city by several non Jewish sides, and now, Arabs are waiting for the right time to accomplish their goals and control the area”.

On the other hand, the statement considered the Arab existence as a threat to their girls, children and a cause for horror and crimes. Moreover, the statement asked the Jews to “wake up before it’s too late, before the tones of Church Bells, and Mosque prayers deafens them”

Meanwhile, Haaretz newspaper in Israel said that Hakham Yegal Mamilia announced Wednesday during a meeting for the city council that “When the temple is erected, things will change…Laws will change, and so the current problem (the Arab existence in “Majdal” Tiberius) will be solved…this will be all achieved, with God’s help, when the temple is built”.

The representative of the committee said that Megdal is one of the oldest Jewish cities in the Galilee and that it was built in order to “save the land” claiming that several Jewish committees bought lands from Arab residents, but now, according to his words an extreme vision; “the danger is back, the future of our kids is in danger”!

Hakham Mamilia also said that “according to Jewish religion it is forbidden to sells a land, or homes to non-Jewish persons or sides”.

Moreover, Israel newspaper Haaretz, added that some members of the city council who were apposed to the idea of the “Arab threat” have changed their minds fast and even started to mock the Arab existence in addition to Muslim and Christian feasts.

One of the council members ironically said; “soon we will be inviting the people for ceremonies to celebrate “Al-Adha Moslem feast” or the “Christina Easter” and called the Jewish residents to “Wake up and realize the dangers threatening them”

Some of the residents suggested “isolating the Arabic families from schools, kindergartens… so they can understand that they are not welcomed over there!”

Other residents even claimed that their kids cannot walk alone, or visit friends since they “are afraid of the Arabs”, while others mocked the Arab families by saying that “if there is a celebrating at a school, we will not have empty place left to sit on, because Arab families have filled the seats”

Head of the city council, Yossi Jenno said that “we should look at this issue from a national perspective, Arabs in Israel consider Palestinians; we can’t allow the Palestinians to live among us…they are the ones who mourned and grieved Yassin after his assassination!!”