Translated by; Saed Bannoura, IMEMC

What is more precious than a beloved family member, what is more precious than your own child?

How would a parent feel, when he/she fails to save his/her own child? Their own flesh and blood?

Mohammad Zo’rob, from Batn Al-Sameen, west of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, tried his utmost efforts to save his 12-year-old Sara, but one bullet took the small angle while she was at home, among her family.

Zo’rob advised his children not to leave home or look out of the windows fearing that they will get hurt, but his worst nightmare came true despite the fact that his kids did not get close to the windows.

Zo’rob saw his child, Sara, falling in front of his eyes, soaked with blood.

His child died, people rushed to his home in an attempt to save what could be saved, but his precious daughter was gone, kids shocked while looking at her, looking at their friend, adults terrified, but she was gone…

The child was carried to the Nasser hospital, in Kahn Younis, but she was dead, instantly after she was wounded.

Before noon, her family and the people of Khan Younis marched in the street carrying her innocent body back home in “Batn Al-Sameen” area west of Khan Younis, to bid her farewell.

At the same moment the body of the child was carried inside her home, the mother screamed, loud enough, in a tone which only filled with grief, misery, sadness, filled with an unimaginable loss, and murmured some words…

“God is big, God is bigger than them…than their bullets and bombs…the murderers…what crime did she do…” the mother said while holding the body of her daughter child.

Mahmoud, the father of the child, said that his daughter died at home, before she was taken to hospital,

“She died instantly, it was bullet from the heavy kind, I knew she was dead, but as a father, I think I was hoping a miracle would happen…” the father said pointing at the hole which the bullet made in the window.

The home of Mahmoud is at least one Kilometer away from the closest settlement or camp, but recently, bullets have reached as far as they can reach.

Relatives and neighbors of the child wonder, during their sadness and grief for the death of Sara,

“Until when will the world be silent, what guilt did the children do to be killed like this, when will somebody, anybody move and break the deadly silence!”

The horrific scenes of death, remains daily scenes in Khan Younis, military camps and settlements around it, monitoring towers filled with sniper rifles, random shelling brings the worst fears to reality when you own home becomes a dangerous place, and a target!

Settlement, military camps, bullets and bombs, daily threats, daily dangers which transform the lives of the residents into a living hell, everyone expecting to be shot anytime, even while they are at home…or at bed.


Kids in Palestine are unsafe even inside their homes