Translated by Saed Bannoura-IMEMC,

Ala’ Sanqra, one of the leaders of Al-Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fatah, and the number one wanted resistance fighter said that the brigades have no relation with the Lebanon based Hezbollah party.

Also Sanqra said that the brigades did not sign any agreement with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas concerning cease fire, but “we gave him the pledge of honor, the pledge of the Palestinian martyrs”, which insists in the Palestinian rights, the right of return, Jerusalem, we will resist as long as the occupation continues”.

The Arabs48 news website met with Sanqra, who told them that the brigades will be committed 100% to the Hudna (truce), when it sees a signed agreement, “so far, Israel said that it will invade the Palestinian areas to arrest or assassinate the resistance fighters, Israel said that it will not stop its policy in Nablus and Jenin”.

“This means that Israel will assassinate or arrest any Palestinian, only by claiming that he intends to carry out bombing or shooting, and no one can question Sharon about these assassinations”. Sanaqra added.

Also, Sanqra stated that the brigades initiated the idea of cease fire before Abbas was elected, “because we want to do what is best for the Palestinians, and what they want”.

“Army is still in our cities, everyday there are invasions and arrests, siege is still surrounding our areas”.

Sanaqra said that Israeli soldiers broke into the home of Ahmad Abu Saltah, member of the brigades, and arrested his young son, “we arrested your son, and we will arrest the second one, soldiers said, next time we will return with a tent because we want to level your home” Sanqra told the Arabs48 news website referring to the soldiers warning after breaking into his home.

Commenting on Sharm Al-Sheik summit, Sanaqra said that the Israel describes resistance as violence, “They believe that they have defeated the Intifada, and the resistance, but the Intifada will not stop until the occupation withdraws from our lands, partial solutions are not enough, partial withdrawal, partial release of detainees is not an accepted policy to us”.

Also, Sanaqra added that the brigades reject the release of Palestinian detainees in reference to their political preference, or activities, and that the brigades demand the release of all political detainees.

Sanaqra said that there is a secret list prepared by Israel which includes names of 12 resistance fighters, “those fighters are wanted, Israel does not want to negotiate over them, as long as they remain wanted, we will not hand our weapons”

Sanaqra said that five of the fighters are from Nablus; Ahmad Abu Saltah, Fadi Fqeisha, and himself, in addition to Amjad Al-Hinnawi, from Hamas, Bashar Hanani from the Popular Front, and the rest of the fighters are from several areas in the West Bank.

Also, Sanaqra said that he believes that Israel intends to carry out a wide-scaled operation against the resistance fighters in the West Bank.

Commenting on news about an agreement between the P.A and Israel to transfer the resistance fighters to the Palestinian controlled cities, Sanaqra said that Saeb Erekat, Mohammad Dahlan and Hasan Abu Libdeh will inform them of any agreements or arrangements.

“We are resistance fighters, not criminals, we defend our rights and demand an end to the occupation, we will not trust any Israeli verbal promises, even Palestinian promises, we will not go to our homes before he see signed agreement to stop chasing us, Dahlan said that we should be careful, Also, every Israeli soldier has bloody hands, after killing Palestinian residents, women, and children”.

Referring to issue of the collaborators with the occupation, Sanaqra said that the P.A is not capable of following these cases, and that the brigades handed several collaborators to the authority, but they were released later on.

“Since the P.A is not capable of interrogating them, and follow these cases, we at the brigades will do that, we do not kill them all, any collaborator who killed or resulted in the death of a resistance fighter we will kill him, and we did”.

Sanaqra added that the relation between the brigades and the residents is based upon cooperation in the social issue, “we managed to arrests thieves, and handed them to the P.A, we aided in arresting the thieves who broke into and robbed the Arab Bank in Nablus, while security devices at the P.A are shooting each other, heads of security devices consider security members working under their command a, as their servants, this should all come to an end”.

“We reject the to use our weapons against our people, we will not accept any internal fighting, and we have very good relations with the residents, we managed to help several sick residents, who needed expensive medication, while the P.A did not even try to”.

Several minutes before the interview was over, Sanaqra received a phone call informing him that five military jeeps are near the village of Beit Eba, west of Nablus; Sanaqra asked to end the interview and left the place along with the other fighters who accompanies him.