A Palestinian medical source at Nasser hospital in Khan Youni reported on Thursday evening that one child was killed and his brother injured, after a home made shell exploded in their home in west Khan Younis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian security source said that the child was killed when a homemade shell landed and exploded at a home in al-Tuffah area, west of Khan Younis.

The source stated that Usama Abu Obeid, 13, was killed, while his brother Atiyya, 7, was seriously injured in the blast.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior released a statement slamming the firing of the shell and confirmed that the P.A will continue its efforts to foil any attempt to fire homemade shells.

“The shells are harming the national interests and our people,” the ministry said, “We will conduct our utmost efforts to foil any attempt to fire these shells”.

The same home was hit by a homemade shell two hours before the second shell was fired.