Israeli soldiers closed on Thursday evening, abu Holy and al-Matahin checkpoints, on Salah Ed-deen Road, the main link between northern Gaza Strip areas with the south.

The WAFA news agency reported that soldiers closed the two checkpoints causing a huge traffic jam, while thousands of residents and vehicles were waiting to be allowed to cross.

The army, which repeatedly closes the two checkpoints, did not comment on the closure, and did not report when it will be lifted.

Closing Salah Ed-Deen road leaves the Gaza Strip divided into three isolated parts, since its blocks access to the coastal road, which links northern Gaza Strip areas with the south and the central Gaza Strip.

On July 18, 2005, Israeli soldiers closed abu Holy and al-Matahin checkpoints, and fired at hundreds of residents who were trying to cross; one child, 14 years old, was shot killed, several residents were injured.

Also, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights released its weekly report on Thursday slamming the closure which is negatively affecting the social and economical rights of the residents.

The center reported that soldiers are using excessive force against the Palestinian residents attempting to cross their checkpoints, in addition to interrogating dozens of youth on daily bases.