Nayef Hawatma, Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that he will be in the Gaza Strip immediately following the Israeli withdrawal.

Hawatma said that the Higher Committee of the Palestinian Factions, the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and the head of the Palestinian National Council, will meet soon in the Jordanian Capital, Amman, in order to discuss the timeframe of implementing the Cairo understandings, and the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August, 2005.

Hawatma said that the Palestinian factions should avoid internal conflicts and violence, and unite in order to be able to face the coming period.  

“We welcome the agreement arrived between Hamas and Fateh, we want to make sure such internal conflicts and violence does not happen again”, Hawatma said, “We demand a complete reforms in order to rebuilt the PLO, and reform the P.A on democratic basis”.

Hawatma added that a national coalition committee should be reformed as soon as possible as agreed in the Cairo understandings between the Palestinian factions in March 2005.

“We need to form a committee to supervise and protect the evacuated settlements, and lands in Gaza, we need to guarantee social justice in order to ensure the return of the residents who were expelled by Israel, and lost their homes and lands”, Hawatma added.

Hawatma also emphasized on the importance of avoiding any internal conflict and violence after the Israeli withdrawal.


“We will return to Gaza the second day after the Israeli withdrawal” he said, “Gaza borders should be opened to any Palestinian who is willing to return”. 

“Every Palestinian, every faction, should honor the national agreements and understandings, we should reform the P.A and its security devices, in order to be able to control the situation and end the chaos in the Palestinian areas”

Hawatma also said that implementing the Cairo understandings which were reached between the Palestinian factions and the national unity government, will guarantee fair representation of the Palestinian factions, and avoid internal violence.

“The National Unity Government should be formed prior to January 20, 2006, this government will hold legislative elections, and form a wider government which includes all of the Palestinian factions, including Hamas”, Hawatma stated.

Source, PalestineNet