Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon slammed London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, for stating that members of the Likud and Hamas were “two sides of the same coin”, Sharon also slammed Likud rebels charging that they are attempting to topple his government.

The statements of Sharon came while he was speaking to Likud party members in the northern city of Afula, Sunday night. 

“Livingstone angered the Israelis last week by defending the suicide bombers”, Sharon said, “He charged that Israel had indiscriminately slaughtered Palestinian residents in acts that border on crimes against humanity”, Sharon added.


The statements of Livingstone came during an interview with the Sky News, he said that he does not distinguish between members of the Likud and Hamas.

“They are two sides of the same coin, they need each other attract support”, Livingstone said, “I think the Israelis are the side who is leading a stubborn line”.

Livingstone also said that Israel is using its tanks and Jet planes against the Palestinians, while the Palestinians only have their bodies to use as weapons. 

Describing the comparison Livingstone drew between Hamas and the Likud as “inappropriate”, Sharon added that it shows “ignorance and misunderstanding to the situation”.

Sharon was repeatedly interrupted by anti-disengagement protesters, and slammed far-right activists who are fighting his policies within the Likud party.

Also, Sharon slammed extremists in his Likud party for attempting to topple his government, adding that he is persistent to counter their threats saying that “he is confident that he will overcome the threats of extremists against his plan and against Likud members of the Knesset.

“These acts most be stopped”, Sharon said, “extremist members are taking over the Likud party; they are threatening and pressuring Likud members of the Knesset”.

Sharon reiterated his accusations to the rebels that they spread rumors that he suffered a stroke during a government session.