Several detainees in the al-Damoun detention facility have contracted diseases of the kidney and other health problems as a result of the polluted drinking water in the facility, according to Raed Mahameed, a lawyer for the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Mahameed said several detainees he has visited recently informed him that the water includes a high concentration of  chlorine, in addition to small stones and bugs. Several detainees contracted kidney infections.  

Detainee Ala’ Sarhan, from Tulkarem, told lawyer Mahameed that the prison administration is not doing anything to distill the water, which forces the detainees to buy their drinking water from the prison canteen at high prices. 

Sarhan appealed to the International Committee of the Red Cross and human rights organizations to intervene against the continuous Israeli violations 

Palestinian detainees have repeatedly carried out hunger strikes in protest against the inhumane treatment and living conditions they face in detention, in addition to the lack of medical treatment and medications.

Recently, Israeli soldiers and policemen in al-Qishta police detention center severely kicked and punched detainee Ashraf Nabeel Najeeb, 23, from Jerusalem.

Najeeb fell unconscious while the soldiers were hitting him and was transferred to Bikor Holim Hospital.

The parents of Najeeb demanded that the attackers be brought to justice and called for exposing the acts and violations carried out by the Israeli police and soldiers against the Palestinian detainees.