At least five civilians have been injured in an anti-wall protest organized by the resident of Bil’in village near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday, Eyewitnesses a Palestinian source reported.

The source also said that at least 17 International and Israeli peace activists were arrested in the protest.

Abdullah Abu Rahme, coordinator of the public committee for the resistance of the settlements and the wall in the village, said a large force of the Israeli army and police forcefully dispersed the protest using live ammunition and tear gas.

Abu Rahme said five were injured; three Palestinians, one Israeli and one Indian were injured in the attack.

He added that the police arrested the internationals and the Israelis and took them to the nearby Giva’at Zeve settlement.

In the protest, the demonstrators carried banners calling for removing the wall, condemning the killing of four Arab residents of Israel by a right-wing settler soldier in Shfa Amr on Thursday evening.

The soldier opened fire at the passengers from his machine gun inside the bus they were riding.

A group of protestors wrapped themselves as a group with a big banner, 20 meters long, (60 feet) resembling the wall surrounding the Palestinian residential areas, isolating them from each other, said Rahme.