Israeli soldiers based at the Separation Wall Gate in Kafer Qaddoum village, near Qalqilia, delayed an ambulance transferring and old man to hospital after sustaining a heart attack, the man died while soldiers where conducting their “security routine checkups”.

Resident Ameen Tayyem, 70 years old, suffering a minor heart attack on Tuesday evening, and received first aid while the ambulance was transferring him to a hospital in Qalqilia.

Soldiers based on one of the gates of the Wall rejected to allow the ambulance through for “security reasons”, and insisted on delaying it until they conduct the “needed procedures”, ignoring the appeals of the medical team to allow them transfer the man to hospital.

Yet, this incident is not the first in Qalqilia during the current Intifada, a pregnant woman died after the soldiers closing the entrance of Qalqilia, barred a car transferring her to hospital in Tulkarem from crossing.

Also, Israeli soldiers based on Azzoun checkpoint repeatedly barred ambulances and medical teams from crossing into Azzoun and claimed that they need to obtain special entry permits.

Last year, soldiers barred a doctor from crossing into Azzoun, which forced him to examine a child my telling her mother to place her on the ground behind the iron bars of the Gate so he can examine her “from behind bars” and gave her a vaccine, while the soldiers just watched carelessly. 

Several months ago, resident Azzam Atiyya Suwwan, 56, from Amateen village, east of Qalqilia, died at Beit Eeba checkpoint, west of Nablus, after the soldiers barred a car transferring him to the National Hospital from crossing.

Military checkpoints, the Separation Wall and its gates became new forms of weapons used against the residents, and killing them, weapons which could be fired without ignition and gunpowder, yet lethal.