A local source in Hebron reported that four residents, including three women, were injured, four others were arrested during an invasion carried out by the Israeli army in the villages of Bani Neim and al-Shiokh, east and north east of the city.

A medical source at the Red Crescent Society in Bani Neim reported that the injured residents were treated for bruises and concussions to several parts of their bodies after the soldiers attacked and clubbed them.

Dr. Ashraf Qdeimat described the injuries of the residents as light-to-moderate, except resident Fadi Ahmad al-Zeidat, 20, who sustained sever bruises and internal bleeding.

Resident A’esha al-Zeidat, 35, temporarily list her sight after being repeatedly struck on her head, while Tahani Hussein al-Zeidat, 20, and her sister Nida’, 21, suffocated after inhaling gas fired by the army and suffered anxiety attacks.

A member of al-Zeidat family said that soldiers broke into the home of Hussein Mahmoud al-Zeidat, 49, after surrounding it.

Soldiers searched the home of al-Zeidat causing damage to the furniture and belongings, before arresting him and taking him to an unknown destination.

In al-Shiokh village, east of Hebron, Israeli soldiers arrested three residents, on Tuesday before noon, after invading it and attacking dozens of homes and stores.

The arrested residents were identified as Ahmad Mahmoud al-Halayqa, 21, Khaleel Abdullah al-Halayqa, 25, and Nayef Mousa al-Mashny, 21 years old. 


Also, soldiers broke into a Concrete factory in the area and searched it; two workers were detained and interrogated for several hours.