Thousands of Israeli soldiers started flooding into Naveh Dekalim settlement in the Gaza Strip after the midnight deadline for voluntary evacuation expired.

The Army expects to complete the evacuation process within 24 hours. “Soldiers would refrain from using physical force”, Israeli top commander in Gaza said.  

“Physical force is most likely to be used starting on morning hours on Wednesday”, an Israeli military source reported.

10.000 Israeli soldiers had already entered Naveh Dekalim on Tuesday evening, and conducted door-to-door efforts in an attempt to convince the settlers to leave before the deadline expires.

Israeli army enters Naveh Dekalim

Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & gencies

An Israeli military source reported on Tuesday at night that clashes erupted in Naveh Dekalim settlements, the largest settlement in the Gush Katif settlement Bloc, as the soldiers started entering the key areas.

The source stated that Israeli security forces started securing the main road leading to the settlements, and will start blocking the entire area before starting the evacuation process.

Pullout foes attempted to block the roads in order to bar the shipping containers from reaching the homes in the settlement.

A large military force confronted the protestors and cleared roads, at least 50 pullout foes were detained and removed out of the settlement.

The evacuation process will practically start in Naveh Dekalim on Wednesday morning, but the army might start evacuating the thousands of young pullout foes who managed to infiltrate.

The youth gathered at the settlement’s synagogue in an attempt to bar the army from evacuating them. 

“The male youth gathered at the settlement’s Sephardic synagogue”, an Israeli military source reported, “the girls gathered in the Ashkenaz synagogue”.