Israeli army said, its troops will evacuate all the settlers in the Gaza Strip and the four small northern West Bank settlements within 10 days.

Recent reports said that more than half of the settlers were not in their settlements before the pullout started on August 15.

Yet, earlier reports said that at least 5000 non-resident right wing Jews flooded the Gaza Strip settlements, and they are basically forming the bulk of the resistance to the evacuation.

A status report published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on its online edition shows the current status of the settlements in the Gaza Strip in relation to the expected resistance for the evacuation.

In Ganei Tal  and Atzmona settlements, settlers have said they will leave voluntarily on Wed. afternoon.

In Netzarim, settlers announced they will leave without struggle on Monday, while in Neveh Dekalim, nearly half of residents had left their homes by midnight Tuesday. Hundreds of youths have barricaded themselves in synagogues. Packing for evacuation begins at Torat Haim Yeshiva, which had been expected to be a stronghold of opposition.

Settlers of Bedloah refuse to evacuate voluntarily.  They have barricaded themselves inside synagogue; but the army has pushed its way into the settlement.

Dozens of non-resident protestors from the Golan Heights settlements are staying in the settlement of Elei Sinai, supporting some 30 settler families.

65 families backed by 2,000 protesters have barricaded themselves with barbed wire in Kfar Darom settlement.  They say they will not resort to violence to resist evacuation.

Hundreds of protesters are blocking the gate of Morag settlement, preventing the army to enter.