A prominent source at the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the movement has an armed wing for women.

According to the source, several women received military training in order to be able to use weapons available in the Gaza Strip. Picture taken during training showed masked women training on light weapons, RPG launchers, grenades and Qassam shells.

The pictures showed dozens of women, wearing a military outfit and masks, training on preparing explosives, mortars and attack maneuvers.

“We are training in order to be ready, and able to participate in the Jihad and liberation of our country”, a woman from the group said.

The woman, who is also the spokesperson of the group, was masked and carried at automatic rifle, and a gun.

Usually, Islamic movements do not allow women to participate in military activities, but Hamas was the first movement which dispatched a suicide bomber in 2004.

Reem Al Riyashi was the first suicide bomber in Palestine, after detonating herself at the Eretz Crossing in the Gaza Strip.