Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, and Eren Shendar, the Israeli State Prosecutor, instructed the police to arrest any settler who return to the Gaza Strip, and charge any Gush Katif settler who tries to reenter the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Justice Ministry announced that any pullout foes who direct violence against the Israeli security of police, harm property, or set homes on fire, will be arrested and tried.

Also, an Israeli security source reported that the Be’er Shiva court was debating on extending the detention period of 248 pullout foes, including 114 minors, who were arrested in Gaza.

Mazuz planned on Thursday to submit indictments against the settlers who barricaded themselves at the synagogue in Kfar Darom.  

Mazuz also spoke on Thursday with the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, and the Israeli Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi, about the violent events which took place in Kfar Darom settlement.

“Those who were arrested will be treated in accordance to the law”, Mazuz said, “The government will have zero tolerance with violence”.

Mofaz asked Mazuz to speed up the indictment procedures as mush as possible, and added that he instructed the army to probe whether the youths who conducted violent acts are due to be enlisted into the army when they become 18, since they might not be allowed into the army in accordance to Israeli laws. 

“Anyone who hurts soldiers, is not worthy to wear the military uniform”, Mofaz added.