“The road of liberating Gaza will be completed by liberating the West Bank, Jerusalem, and establishing our Palestinian independent state in the occupied territories since 1967”.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, said on Saturday that Israel must withdraw from all of the occupied territories since 1967, including the east of Jerusalem, and remove all of its settlements.

The statements of Abbas came during his speech at the Freedom and Liberty festival at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah city.

Abbas called Israeli to implement Security Council resolution number 194, which calls for solving the issue of the Palestinian refugees, their right of return or compensation, and demanded Israel to remove its settlements and the Separation Wall which blocks the geographical contiguity of the Palestinian territories, and blocks the creation of a viable Palestinian State.

Also, Abbas called on Israel to release all of the Palestinian detainees from its prison and detention facilities.

Abbas added that the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is achieved through partnership in decision making, negotiations and comprehensive solutions.

“Partial solutions are rejected, negotiations are the way towards a comprehensive solution”, Abbas said. 

Abbas also called on the Palestinian factions to end all sorts of weapon and explosives display, and stop all marches of armed groups among the residents, and called on all armed groups “to end the disaster and all sorts of chaos”.

Abbas stated that the Palestinian Authority adopts the political program of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the sole representative of the Palestinian people, and added that the P.A is committed to the Arab initiative, which was approved in the Arab summit in Beirut.

“No temporal solutions”, Abbas said, “We will not accept a state with temporal borders”.

Referring to the Palestinian Legislative Elections, Abbas said that they will be conducted without any delays, and that the P.A will not accept any foreign interference in its internal affairs, referring to statements uttered by Sharon concerning closing the Palestinian areas to disrupt the elections in Hamas decides to participate.

Abbas added that achieving security in the Palestinian areas is a top priority for the P.A and warned of attempts and actions which endanger the security of the residents.

Moreover, Abbas greeted peace groups in Israel, and around, for their joint efforts to achieve equality, justice and liberation. 

Representatives of several Palestinian factions in addition to Muslim Sheikhs and Christian priests, who also spoke at the festival.