Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, officially launched his continuous military assaults called “First Rain” against the Palestinian areas, giving his army a “free hand” to operate in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

“There are no plans for one time operation”, Sharon said, “This is a continuous action against the Palestinian factions, Qassam launchers”. 

Israeli military sources reported, on Sunday, that the military attacks are against Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigades, and the Islamic Jihad.

At least twenty residents were injured overnight after the Israeli air force shelled several areas in the Gaza Strip. 207 Palestinians were arrested in a wide-scale operation in the Wets Bank.

Sharon stated that he instructed the Israeli Army to operate in the Palestinian areas “with no limit on the means” they use to hurt the fighters, their equipment and hideouts.

“All means must be used against them”, Sharon said, “Everything must be done to fighter them”.


Also, Sharon added that this is a one-time operation, but a long one, and includes continuous military attacks, and operations.

The Israeli cabinet, decided in its weekly session, to shell targets in Gaza, and the renewal of the assassination policy in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; the strikes include shelling Palestinian infrastructure.


Israeli army positioned cannons and tanks along the Gaza borders, earlier on Sunday at dawn, and conducted what was described as “practice-fire” into open areas, according to an Israeli military source.