An Israeli military source reported on Monday morning, that soldiers arrested 90 Palestinians in several West Bank areas, and transferred them for interrogation.

On Monday at dawn, soldiers arrested 50 members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad across the West Bank, and Israeli military source reported.

40 additional members of the two movements were arrested later on, the source added.

According to the Israeli army, soldiers exchanged fire with a resistance group, in a village northwest of Jenin after invading it to arrest members of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, no injuries were reported. 

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers arrested 40 residents in Hebron and several surrounding villages.

The residents were arrested after soldiers invaded the villages of Al Thaheriyya, Yatta, Ithna, Al Sammoa’, Al Fawwar refugee camp, and the city of Hebron. 

During the course of the arrests, soldiers conducted military searches of homes, detained and interrogated dozens of residents fro several hours.

Also, soldiers surrounded dozens of Palestinian villages and cities in the West Bank, and installed roadblocks barring the residents from leaving their areas.