Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz said on Tuesday that the occupied Syrian Golan heights will remain under Israeli control “for ever”.

Israeli online daily Maariv reported that Mofaz uttered his statements while touring Katzrin settlement in the Golan.

 “We must continue settling the Golan Heights; we must do whatever is necessary to prosper the area and its industries”, Mofaz said, “The Golan Heights will remain under Israeli control forever”.

Mofaz visited the settlement and placed the cornerstone of an industrial zone for High-tech industries.

“We will do our best to advance settlements activities and development in the Negev”, Mofaz stated.

Mofaz also said that the military offensive against the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza will continue; adding that the army will strike every location in Gaza “in order to stop the firing of homemade shells”.