Israel Air Forces gun ships fired several missiles at civilian targets in Gaza City in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Palestinian sources reported.

The source said troops fired artillery shells into the area, knocking out power causing blackout. No injuries were immediately reported, scores of residents including children were treated for shock.

The army shelled at least three locations. One air strike hit a two-story building used as offices for Fatah in Gaza City. The offices provide tutoring lessons to school children. 

The shell made a big hole in a wall of the building, damaged windows and destroyed an electrical transformer. Windows of several nearby houses were broken, and a car was damaged by flying debris.

Missiles also landed in the Bureij refugee camp, south of Gaza city. This attack targeted a building, in which the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has an office.  The shell caused serious damage to the building.

Less than an hour later, another missile was fired in the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun.

Both, PFLP and Fatah offices that where shelled are located in the middle of civilian residential areas.  Several of these house adjacent to the shelled offices suffered damage as a result of the flying debris.

The army said it was attacking offices used for ‘terrorist activity’.  Israel has carried out a series of air strikes in recent days.

The shelling came after all the Palestinian factions declared halt to all its attacks against Israeli targets from the Gaza Strip.