The Palestinian Authority condemned the Israeli attacks in the Palestinian territories, saying that the attacks violate the fourth Geneva conventions and the international law.

Tawfik Abu Khousa, spokesperson of the Palestinian ministry of interior, said that Israel is not intersected in calm, while the Likud party is making the Palestinians pay the price of its internal conflicts.  

“Israeli is pulling the area into a cycle of violence, by creating internal conflicts between the P.A and political factions, while it continues its assaults against the Palestinian people”..

Also, Abu Khousa called on the armed factions to end all sorts of weapon display starting on Thursday.

“We all agreed to this”, Abu Khousa said, “I call on all factions to be committed to the agreement, anyone who chooses to violate it, will be outlawed”.

Meanwhile, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said that it is committed to the truce, but will not allow anybody to disarm it.

“We are committed to the truce, after arriving to internal agreements”, Abu Adham, a spokesperson of the brigades in Khan Younis said, “But we are ready to start a third Intifada if the situation requires that, we will cut the hands which try to disarm us”.

Abu Adham called on the Palestinian resistance groups to unite in order to face the Israeli aggression.

Ayman Judah Brigades, one of Fateh armed wings, called on the fighters of all factions to remain alert to any Israeli strikes or attacks against them.

“We have to prepare to strike the occupation; our blood is not cheap for them to decide to spill it whenever they want”, the brigades reported, “We can’t surrender to the occupation which is killing our children and elderly, and leveling our homes”.

Also, the brigades slammed some Arabic and Islamic countries for normalizing with Israel while is continues occupying the Palestinian territories, and resumes its shelling and military assaults.

Hamas movement warned that the Israeli military escalation, and the vast arrests Israel is conducting in the West Bank, will only lead the area into more violence.

Also, the movement added that Israel and “other parties” are inciting against Hamas, and its leadership, especially Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar, one of its prominent political leaders.