An Israeli source reported that a settler identified as Yehoshua Elitzur, 34, convicted of shooting and killing a Palestinian resident from Salem village, near Nablus, failed to show up at court.

The settler was accused with murder, but then the court found him guilty of man slaughter after failing to convict him, according to the Israeli Ynet news website.

Resident Sayel Jabara Al Shatiya was shot killed last year.

After the settler, who was at house arrest, failed to report to the court, he was pronounced a fugitive. The court was to determine the verdict on Wednesday,

The Israeli police in the northern West Bank said that they distributed his picture to all police stations.

Zion Zmir, the lawyer of Elitzur said that “he was surprised that his client did not show up to court”.

Elitzur was convicted last month of killing the Palestinian resident; the murder took place when Elitzur was driving his car on settlement road number 557 while heading towards Elon Moreh settlement, al-Shatiya, 46, was driving a van on the same road.

The indicted reads that Elitzur noticed the Palestinian van and decided to stop it,”he stepped out of his vehicles, carrying his M16 rifle, stood in the middle of the road and instructed the driver to stop”.

Elitzur approached the van, as it continue to drive, and threatened to kill al-Shatiya after pointing his gun at him at a close range; due to road conditions the van couldn’t stop, the driver turned to the side of the road while slowing down in order to stop there, but Elitzur shot him through the car window and killed him.

The uncle of the victim, Farouk al-Shatiya, said that the settler killed him for no reason.

“This murder was very painful, but it’s not surprising:, the uncle said, “This is part of continuous harassments and violence carried out by the settlers, at the road, fields, and everywhere”.

Elitzur claimed at the beginning that Al Shatiya was trying to “pull him of the road”, whiteness who were in the car with Al Shatiya rejected this claim.