The Palestinian National Information Center reported that
Israeli soldiers killed 4166 residents, injured 45538, and arrested
8600 since the beginning of the Intifada in September 29, 2000.

Also, the center reported that 72105 homes were destroyed, and 76867 Dunams were bulldozed by the Israeli army.

A report published and prepared by the center revealed that 2193
residents (56%) were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 1973 (47.4%)
residents were killed in the West Bank.

Number of Palestinian children killed during the Israeli military
assaults arrived to 775, while the number of females killed by the army
is 269, in addition to 137 residents who were killed on military road

352 residents were assassinated by the Israeli army, and 59 residents were killed by settlers.

Also, soldiers killed 36 medics and civil defense members, in addition to 9 journalists, and 220 athletes. 

45538 residents were injured during the Intifada, 30488 (67%) in the
West Bank, and 15050 (33%) in the Gaza Strip; thousands of the injured
residents suffered permanent disabilities.

The center also reported that the number of detainees in Israeli
prisons and detention facilities arrived by mid-September 2005 to 8600,
including 288 children, and 115 female detainees.

72105 Palestinian homes were damaged; 7628 homes were completely
destroyed, and 93842 partially. Number of public, including security,
facilities destroyed arrived to 650.

76867 Dunams of farmlands were bulldozed, 1355290 trees uprooted, 31263 Dunams of hothouses and water suppliers were destroyed.

Also, Israeli soldiers attacked and damaged 417 industrial facilities.

Unemployment rate arrived to 26.5% in the first quarter of 2005,
poverty rates arrived to 64.6% according to date collected and
published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. 

Israeli continued the construction of the Separation Wall in the
occupied West Bank, and annexed until the time of this report 239789
Dunams of Palestinian farmland.

The Separation Wall, outlawed by the International High court of
Justice, is isolated the Palestinian areas, separating villages from
their surrounding cities, and barring the residents from reaching their
farmlands, or what is left of their orchards.