Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he intends to reevaluate next week’s military actions against Hamas, the Israeli Radio reported on Saturday.

According to the radio, Sharon intends to reevaluate the targeted killing of Palestinian fighters, and the usage of heavy artillery. 

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and his chief of Staff Dan Hallutz in addition to senior military intelligence officials are to attend a meeting next week to discuss “the progress” of the offensive. 

A senior Israeli political source reported on Saturday that the sustained calm on the part of Hamas forces Israel to reconsider its harsh measures and shelling used in Operation First Rain offensive.

“The decision will depend on Hamas acts on the ground”, the official stated, “No on their verbal statements”.

Yet, military intelligence stressed that Israel would continue its targeted killings against the fighters who are believed to be what was described as “ticking bombs”, and will continue its “efforts to stop the firing of homemade shells”.

Also, Army intelligence noted that the Palestinian Authority started deploying policemen in the northern Gaza Strip, adding that it was “unclear if they succeeded in preventing the firing of homemade shells”.