Whenever the security situation deteriorates in Lebanon, Palestinians refugees become the first sector affected by this deterioration, tension mounts and the refugee become uncertain of their already unclear fate.

The Palestinian Refugee Union in Europe said that it welcomes any agreement between the Lebanese government and the Palestinian Authority in order to solve the issue of the refugee there.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said during a visit to Lebanon that the P.A rejects using the refugees issue as a means to escalate violence in Lebanon, and that the P.A is determined to reject any solution which might undermine the Lebanese sovereignty and security. 

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and elsewhere are demanding to be recognized and receive their social, civil, and humanitarian rights.

They demanded the International Community to support their right of return, and added that they respect the Lebanese position which aims to guarantee its unity and sovereignty.

“Therefore, the Lebanese government is interested in protecting the refugees, and their refugee camps”, the union said, “We call on all Palestinian factions to be committed to every agreement arrived between Lebanon and the P.A”.

“We have been massacred, and slaughtered, we have been victims of political conflicts in Lebanon”.