Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, reported that P.A security men arrested Dr. Riyadh Abdul-Karim AL Ras, Dean of the Engineering Department at Al Najah University, in Nablus, and one of its political figures.

In a statement released on Saturday, Hamas said that a Palestinian intelligence force broke into the home of Abdul-Karim late on Friday at night and arrested him after searching his home.

Dr. Al Ras is one of Hamas candidates to the upcoming Legislative Elections.

The statement demanded the P.A to release Dr. Abdul-Karim immediately and to stop what was described as “provocative acts” which do not serve the Palestinian interests.

On Friday at night, an armed group which calls itself Omar Bin Al Khattab brigades, claimed responsibility for abducting three Hamas men in the West Bank. The brigades said that the abduction comes in retaliation of repeated violations carried by Hamas, and its attacks against Palestinian security men and facilities.

The brigades reported that it abducted three Hamas men including Dr. Riyadh Al Ras, from Tulkarem. Al Ras was released several hours after he was abducted. 

In a statement released by the brigades, the group said that it abducted Dr. Al Ra’s, Basim Obeido, from Hebron, and Hasan Safi from Bethlehem, in retaliation to violations carried out by the movement against the law, according to the brigades.


Also, the brigades added that it will not tolerate the attacks Hamas men carry against the P.A and its security men and police.

Meanwhile, Hamas said that the P.A is behind the abductions; the P.A denied the allegations and said that these kinds of allegations and acts harm the Palestinian interests and unity.