Israeli soldiers shot and killed on Sunday at night three residents, including two children, east of Dir Al Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Dr. Ibrahim AL Masdar, head of Al Aqsa Hospital in Dir Al Balah, told the IMEMC that one of hospital’s ambulances managed to fetch the bodies of the three residents after contacting the District Coordination Office (DOC) in order to allow the ambulance crew to approach the military electric fence which separates Gaza from Israel.

Dr. Al Masdar identified the three residents as Mohammad Suleiman Abu Adwan, 20, Issa Suleiman Al ‘Omour, 17, and Bassam Hussein Abu Ghraba, 15.

Dr. Al Masdar said that residents Abu Adwan (20) sustained a gun shot injury in his head; the bullet broke his skull taking parts of his brain out, Al ‘Omour  (17) sustained two gunshot injuries in his stomach and chest, and Abu Ghraba (15) sustained a gunshot injury which penetrated his neck and exited the other side.

All of the bodies were located 20 to 30 meters away from the “security fence” which surrounds the Gaza Strip, Dr. Al Masdar added.  

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza

Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Sunday at night, two Palestinians near the Kissufim Crossing in the Gaza Strip; army claims three fighters were attempting to infiltrate a barbed wire fence.

An Israeli military source reported that soldiers noticed three figures crawling from Gaza into an Israeli controlled area, and fired at them killing two, the third apparently managed to escape unharmed. 


The incident took place at 22hours on Sunday, army source reported.

According to the army, the three Palestinians were carrying an object that appeared to be an explosive device; soldiers estimate that the three intended to place the explosive device on the road which is used by Israeli military vehicles. 

Also, an army spokesperson reported that Palestinian fighters might retaliate to the killing of the two residents by firing Qasssam homemade shells at Israeli targets.