The Palestinian Prisoners’ Society reported on Wednesday that the detainees in Azion detention facility, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, are facing bad living conditions, and torture.

Lawyer Hanan Al Sheikh visited several detainees in Azion detention facility and took affidavits from the detainees revealing repeated incidents of torture and mistreatment by Israeli interrogators and soldiers.

Detainee Ahmad Mahmoud Sabateen, 18, from Husan village near Bethlehem, said that he was severely tortured and struck with batons to several parts of his body, especially his head, chest and left leg.

Sabateen stated in his affidavit that soldiers forced him to lie on the ground and stepped on him while kicking him, and struck him with the backs of their rifles.

Sabateen suffers fractions in his leg, and did not receive any medical treatment since he was arrested.

Also, Sabateen added that soldiers facedly undressed him and attempted to rape him he was forced to lie on his stomach on the interrogator’s bed; Sabateen was handcuffed and his legs were tied. 

Detainee Raed Hamarah, 18, from Husan, said that soldiers struck him with their batons after arresting him, causing injuries and concussions to several parts of his body.

Hamarah was forced to confess that he hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers.

Detainee Khattab Mohammad Hamara, 16, also from Husan, reported that so punched and clubbed him on his head and chest, causing a sever bleeding in his jaw.

He was also forced to confess that he hurled stones at the soldiers.