A report prepared and published by the Palestinian Information Center (NIC) revealed that Israeli soldiers killed five Palestinians and shot injured eleven during the period between October, 4 and October, 10, 2005.

Also, Israeli soldiers arrested 72 residents, and carried out 460 violations during the same time frame, which marks the 35th week of cease fire reached between the Palestinians and Israel during the Sharm Al Sheikh summit in Egypt.

“The violations included firing at Palestinian homes, vehicles and properties”, the center reported, “These violations also include repeated invasions in several Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, in addition to checkpoints which are isolating the Palestinian areas, and land grab policies”.

The center recorded 42 shooting incidents, 26 invasions which included breaking into 143 homes. Israeli army installed 104 roadblocks, and closed main roads and crossing 62 times. Dozens of homes were shelled and fired at.

Settlers in several West Bank settlements carried 13 attacks against Palestinian civilian areas, homes, which include school students and medical teams. The settlers also bulldozed Palestinian orchards eight times.

Dozens of residents were detained and interrogated on checkpoints; dozens were not allowed to cross through international crossings.

The construction of the Separation Wall and settlements activities resumed in the west Bank, annex orders of hundreds of Dunams were issued by the Israeli authorities for the exanimation of settlements and the Separation Wall.

The total number of violations carried out by the Israeli army since the Sharm Al Sheikh summit, February 8, 2005 arrived to 15337; 111 residents killed, 839 injured, and 2823 arrested, in addition to 1579 shooting incidents carried out by the Israeli soldiers.

3062 checkpoints were installed, 35272 Dunams were annexed, in addition to 473 attacks carried out by settlers.

In spite of all of the Israeli violations, the Palestinian side remained committed to the “truce”, while the military attacks caused significant losses to the Palestinians.