Victor Batasrah, Mayor of Bethlehem, said that the fighters who broke into the building of Bethlehem Municipality have left the building.

Several officials, including the governor of Bethlehem, and the mayor of the city, negotiated with the fighters and evacuated them peacefully.   
They demanded protection from the military attacks and assassination attempt against them, and demanded employment in the P.A devices.  
P.A negotiates with fighters to evacuate Bethlehem Municipality Building
Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies
A Palestinian security source in Bethlehem reported that forty fighter of the Al Aqsa brigades, the military wing of Fateh broke into Bethlehem Municipality, and fortified themselves their. The P.A is currently negotiating with them in an attempt to end the crises.
One of the fighter said that they want The Palestinian Authority to listen to their demands after it ignored them.
“There are several important issues, including our rights and issues regarding the rights of the residents, and wanted activists”, the fighter said.
Also, the fighter added that this incident was not carried out in an attempt to spoil Christmas celebrations in the city. “We just chose this time as a result of the intensive media attention to the holy city”, he added.
The fighters bared Victor Batarsa, mayor of Bethlehem, from entering the building of the municipality.
“They should go somewhere else to demand solution for their problems and demands”, Batarsa said, “We demand the Palestinian Authority to solve these issues fast”.   
Meanwhile, Bethlehem governor Salah Al Ta’mary, said that the P.A will solve this crisis fast, and assured the residents that Christmas celebrations will be carried peacefully in the Holy City.  
Head of Bethlehem Police Department said that the police will implement law and order “no matter what it takes”.