An Israeli military source reported on Tuesday at night that Palestinian resistance fired several homemade shells at military targets in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. One shell landed and detonated in a military base, no injuries were reported.

The source stated that three homemade shells were fired at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot, and one shell landed in a military base, near Ashkelon.
Army believes that the shell was aimed at the town of Ashkelon and at the military base.
The shell landed in an area between offices and tents used to house the soldiers in the base.  
The source stated that soldiers shelled several Palestinian areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip in retaliation to the homemade shells.
Army claims that soldiers shelled what looked like basis for firing homemade shells in the area.
Also, one homemade shell, fired from the northern Gaza Strip, landed in the western Negev; no injuries were reported.  
Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, visited Israel’s border with the northern Gaza Strip, on Tuesday, and received a situation evaluation from military commanders.
He ruled out the possibility of a ground operation in the Gaza Strip to halt the firing of homemade shells. Mofaz said that the army will not enter the Gaza Strip to take over locations used for firing homemade shells, but will “continue to act against cells in the Gaza Strip”, but gave no further details.