Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, published a report on the Political Agenda of Sharon’s new part, Kadima, and revealed that Sharon intends to use the Road Map plan in accordance to his own vision in order to grab as much land as possible while preserving a Jewish majority within the new borders of Israel, which includes annexing huge areas of the West Bank.

“The main aim of the party is to maintain Israel as the national hometown of the Jews in the Land of Israel”, the introductory statement of Kadima party reads, “Kadima views the peace process with the Palestinians as a main aim, and a possible channel to draw the final borders of Israel”.
“We have to give away parts of the State of Israel, but this does not mean voiding the ideology which states that this land is the land of Israel, we have to do this in order to guarantee that Israel will remain a Jewish democratic state”.
Also, the program of Kadima states that the interest of preserving Israel as that national state of the Jews makes its inevitable to accept the establishment of a Palestinian state beside the state of Israel, in order to effectively deal with the demographic realities in the area.
Some of the main principles of the party state that Israel will keep certain “security areas” under its control, and will not agree to divide Jerusalem.
“Jerusalem, the unified Jerusalem, is the eternal capital of Israel, in its eastern and western parts, Israel will also keep other sensitive areas, which carry national and historical importance, in addition to settlement blocs, under its control”.
Member of Knesset Ronny Bar-On, one of the prominent leaders of Kadima, said that the final borders of Jerusalem will include the unified Jerusalem, Ariel settlement bloc, near Nablus, Gush Azion settlement block, near Hebron, and Maali Adumim, east of Jerusalem.  
Kadima party totally rejects the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees into the Israeli territories.
Meanwhile, Sharon said that the Road Map Plan is the only political plan which Israel will implement in 2006.
Kadima party also commits itself to evacuating the illegal settlement outposts if it comes to power after the March 28 general elections in Israel, an Israeli source reported.
The party will also “allow” the creation of a Palestinian State, with temporal borders in the second state of the Road Map Plan.
Israeli newspaper Maariv said that in spite that Sharon repeatedly stated that he will not carry any further unilateral pullouts in the West Bank, yet the political agenda of his party did not rule out such measures.
Maariv added that sources in Kadima party said that “it was not by accident that the party did not clearly rule out unilateral pullouts.