Delegates of Peace Now leftist movement visited Modi’n Elite settlement, west of Ramallah, in order to report on the implementation of a project which will lead to the construction of some 1500 housing units in the settlement.

This project will lead to further land grab and annexation of Palestinian areas.
General Director of Peace Now movement in Israel, Yariv Hyper, said that the Israeli authorities are constructing housing units in Modi’n Elite settlement, west of Ramallah.
The work started after Israel approved the construction of 1500 units; the construction plan will lead to expanding the new neighborhood of the settlement and constructing a total of 3000 housing units.
“Today, we saw military bulldozers uprooting Palestinian orchards in order to construct these units”, Hyper said, “These construction will negatively affect the contiguity of the nearby Palestinian village of Bil’in”.
Also, Hyper added that this year Israel did not evacuate any illegal outposts, and announced bids to construct housing units it large settlement blocs in the West Bank. 
He also said that there are four cases pending in the Israeli High Court of Justice. The three appeals we submitted in an attempt to bar the expansion of settlements in the area, such as Modi’n elite settlement, west of Ramallah.
It is worth mentioning that a new illegal settlement outpost was installed on Tuesday evening, between the villages of Kafer Laqif and Hijja, east of Qalqilia.