About 200 Palestinian policemen stormed, on Monday, government offices in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, to protest at the failure of the Palestinian Authority and its security devices, to fight growing lawlessness in Gaza

The policemen fired rounds of live ammunition into the air, and ran through the streets demanding the P.A to take practical measures to end the current situation, and end the attacks against Palestinian policemen, and police stations.  
Firing into the air as they ran through the streets, the policemen broke into government offices, courthouses, and an election office in addition to breaking into the municipality building in Rafah.
A policeman told Reuters that the protestors are calling on all officers to take their uniform off "after the Palestinian Authority has tied the hands of policemen, preventing us from implementing law and order in the Palestinian controlled areas.
On Thursday, one Palestinian policeman was killed in Rafah after dozens of armed residents of a clan, attacked and fired at a police station there.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas vowed at the weekend that to conduct the needed measures in order to restore law and order.