Egyptian border police imposed curfew across the Gaza Strip Border with Egypt after hundreds of Palestinians swarmed across the border, on Wednesday, after Palestinian gunmen bulldozed a path the barricade lining the frontier, 27 residents were injured in the clashes.

The Egyptian police cut off the power supply in the area and increased the number of forces deployed along the borders after the fighters of the Brigades commandeered two bulldozers and smashed through a section of the wall on the Gaza-Egypt border to protest the jailing of one of their leaders.
The latest chaos comes while the Israeli Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz is threatening to invade the area and close the hole which was made on the border wall, if the P.A doesn’t deal with this issue fast.
He demanded Egypt and the P.A to bar the infiltrations carried along the borders on both sides.
An Egyptian source reported that the Egyptian border police called for additional forces to back them up. The additional force is estimated by 3000 troops.
At least three Palestinians were injured, one seriously, after an Egyptian bulldozer hit the border wall leading to the collapse of some of its parts.
Egyptian border policemen fired gas bombs at the residents who gathered along the border area.
According to the Israeli online daily Haaretz, two Egyptian soldiers were killed in the clashes. Thousands of Egyptian security forces were said to have withdrawn from the border with Gaza as they were unable to flow of Palestinians across the border; the deaths were not confirmed.
Lt. Sameh el-Antablyan of the Israeli army announced the casualties and added that the 3,000 Egyptian security troops, who rushed to the border after it was breached, were forced to pull back.
Also, Mofaz said on Wednesday that the growing chaos along the Gaza Strip’s southern border, is very dangerous, and warned Egypt that if it does not move to prevent the unchecked stream of Palestinians through the border, Israel will be forced to stop it itself.
Scores of Palestinians reached Egyptian soil, most of them returned soon, including some residents who bought cheap merchandise from the Egyptian side.
During meetings U.S., Egyptian and Palestinian officials, Mofaz requested the Egyptians to stop all uncontrolled passage of Palestinians, and "weapons" into the Strip through the Rafah crossing.