Israeli sources reported that Kadima members were thrown into a state of uncertainty, on Wednesday at night, for the second time in three weeks amid mounting concerns for the leader of the party Ariel Sharon, after suffering a life-threatening stroke.

Israeli online daily Haaretz, reported that a senior Kadima party member said that party members do not know what will happen with them if something happens to Sharon, who created the party and is considered its backbone.
All of the advisors of Sharon, including Reuven Adler and attorney Yoram Rabad, arrived at the Hadassah Ein Karem University Hospital in Jerusalem, after Sharon was admitted to surgery.
Earlier on Wednesday, a public poll gave the Kadima party 42 Knesset seats, which is considered a high number which qualifies Kadima to take the lead.
On Wednesday at noon, Sharon met Otniel Schneller, former secretary general of the Settlers Council, and recruited him to the party.
So far, Sharon, who is currently under surgery, did not decide who number two in the Party is, after Sharon.
Sharon aide Ra`anan Gissin said on Thursday that Sharon’s condition stable. One of Sharon’s said that he expects Sharon to emerge from surgery "safely", the Associated Press reported.
Sharon was supposed to make a list of its leaders until the new party establishes its institutions.
Israeli deputy Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is the most senior member in Kadima, but this fact does not ensure him the number 2 slot.
Israeli sources reported that Sharon did not have time to appoint the ministers he intended to in the week after his hospitalization.