Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, announced on Friday that he will ask Hamas to form the new Palestinian government after it swept the parliamentary elections carried on January 25.

"Until now we haven’t asked anyone to form a government," Abbas stated, "But we’ve negotiated with some of the factions and, of course, we will ask the party that has received the most votes to do so".
Earlier, Hamas officials expressed their desire to form a "political partnership" with Fateh movement, and several other factions.
One the grounds, at least three Palestinians were injured in Bani Soheila town, near Khan Younis after members of Hamas and Fateh clashed over the elections results.  
These clashes occurred only one day after the announcement of the election results in which Hamas swept the majority of 76 seats of the Palestinian Legislative Council, whereas Fateh got 43 seats.
Abbas to start consultations for forming new government
Saed Bannoura-IMEMC & Agencies, 11:46
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday evening that he will start immediate consultations that are needed to form the new Palestinian government after the new legislative council is officially shaped.
During his speech in Ramallah following the formal announcement of the elections’ results, Abbas said that the new government has huge responsibilities and tasks to fulfill.
He added that the government, led by Hamas, will have to hold its responsibilities regarding the Palestinian-Israeli agreements, starting from the Oslo agreement, in addition to other agreements and recommendations reached in Arab summits, and decisions which were approved by the international community.    
"The main aim of the people and the government is to end the Israeli occupation and establish a Palestinian independent state with Jerusalem as its capital", Abbas said, "The new government has to win the trust the international community, should counter the Separation Wall, settlements, and effectively present the case of the detainees".   
Also, Abbas added that the Palestinian Liberation Organization is the sole representative of the Palestinian People everywhere in this world, and called on the new government to ensure the unity of the people, to implement the decisions of the P.L.O and to respect all of the signed agreements.