On Friday morning, the Israeli police arrested four right-wing settlers after they distributed fliers inciting against a senior officer at the Israeli army.The fryers were distributed outside the Jerusalem home of Yair Naveh,  GOC Central Command leader.

The arrested settlers are reisdents of Elon Moreh and Efrat settlements in the West Bank, in addition to reisdents of Bnei Brak area in Tel Aviv.  

An Israeli police source reported that the settlers were arrested with large numbers of fliers and posters in their possession.

Three of the settlers are expected to be released on bail with restrictive orders.

According to Israeli security officials, this incident is related to last year’s disengagement plan or the January evacuation of the Amouna illegal settlement outpost in the West Bank.
On Tuesday at night, vandals torched and destroyed the car of brigadier General Meir Bukovza, the police commander who headed the Amouna evacuation. The incident took took place next to the commander’s home in Shoham area.

The evacuation of the illegal outpost was a scene of the most violent clashes between settlers and soldiers.

Israeli online daily Haaretz, reported that the Israeli Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra said on Wednesday afternoon that other senior police officers have been the targets of threats by far-right extremists since the Amouna evacuation.

The Israeli Peace Now movement said on Wednesday that the violent acts carried by the settlers are a direct result of “wild incitements” by settler leaders and right-wing Knesset members.  

Several Israeli ministers and Knesset members, such as Health Minister Ya’akov Edri , and member of Knesset  Avshalom Vilan, said that these attacks are attacks against the rule of law in Israel.

Villan, Meretz-Yahad party, placed the responsibility for these attacks on member of Knesset  Effie Eitam and his associates in the far right.