The Palestinian Center For Human Rights reported that Israeli soldiers killed eight residents, shot injured 36 residents, and arrested forty residents in several invasions carried in the West Bank.
One Israeli peace activist and two internationals were also injured during the Israeli military attacks.

The center released its weekly report on Thursday and listed the military violation in the occupied territories including the attacks and strikes carried in the Gaza Strip.  

Five residents were killed in the West Bank and one was killed in Gaza.  Another Gaza resident died of wounds suffered three weeks ago.

Also, soldiers assassinated Khaled Al Dahdouh, leader of the Islamic Jihad armed wing in Gaza.

The report added that Israeli soldiers started constructing the final section of the Annexation Wall between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, and resumed the bulldozing of areas west of Salfit and west of Ramallah.

In the report were listed a number of incidents of the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters at anti-Wall protests, and the restriction of movement of farmers between their homes and farmland on the other side of the Wall.

The Gaza Strip remained completely sealed off for the entire duration of the reported period.  Residents were unable to travel to the West Bank, or out of the Gaza Strip at all.  The border crossing into Egypt also remained partially closed, and the Karni trade crossing remained closed, exacerbating a food shortage in Gaza.  The Sofa trade crossing remains under complete Israeli control, opening randomly at the whim of Israeli troops stationed there, for the third week in a row.

Palestinian legislators have been especially affected by the restrictions in movement, especially members of the Hamas political party, who have been unable to travel to legislative sessions.  Several legislators with the Hamas party were also arrested by Israeli forces during this time period.

In the West Bank, Israeli violations included restriction of movement, the imposition of curfew, invasions of many towns and villages, including Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, Tulkarem and Jenin.

The Center is calling on all signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention (which includes the state of Israel) to protect the Palestinian people from these violations of the Convention by Israel, and asks those countries to take appropriate measures to ensure Israel’s compliance with the Convention.

The Center also calls on the International Red Cross to increase their presence in the Palestinian Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza, and to facilitate visitation of detainees by their parents.  In addition, they have called on the international community to enforce the ruling of the International Court of Justice ruling declaring the Israeli Annexation Wall illegal.

The report concludes by saying that “Human rights cannot be sacrificed under the pretext of peace, and any so-called ‘peaceful’ solution that does not respect human rights cannot be expected to succeed.”