Dr. Salah Bardaweel, Hamas spokesperson to the Palestinian Legislative Council  denied Israeli reports on infiltration of Al Qaida members in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.The Palestinian Maan News Agency reported that Bardaweel was commenting on statements of Israeli officials and the comments of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the London based Al Hayat newspaper.

Abbas said that the Palestinian Authority has “indications of the presence of Al Qaida in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank”.

“This is the first time I ever talk about this issue”, Abbas stated, “This is a very serious matter”

“Hamas has no information on such reports”, Bardaweel said, “If these reports are true, we should then deal with this issue in a special way, and inform the people of such presence”.

Bardaweel added that if such presence exists, Israel is to be held responsible since it continues its “attacks and crimes against the Palestinian people on daily basis”.

Earlier on Thursday, PLO  executive committee member, Yasser Abed Rabbo, said that Hamas program is only a slogan that is not suitable for organizing the lie of the Palestinian people.

Responding to these statements,  Bardaweel said that Abed Rabbo does not understand the agenda of Hamas, and knows nothing about the movement.