A large Israeli forces of almost 20 military vehicles invaded the West Bank city of Tulkarem in the early hours of Monday morning.
Troops invaded several Palestinians houses in the city and the adjacent Nour Shams refugee camp, and ransacked most of them.  During the search, troops forced residents out of their homes for few hours.

Palestinian sources said, Mohammad Al-Nabtiti, 17 from Tulkarem and Nasser Jetawi, 17 are among the arrested.

In the nearby town of Deir Al-Ghsoun to the north of Tulkarem, troops backed by 10 military vehicles arrested Ahmad Abu Sara and Eyad Mbasher 26.  In addition, the same source added that the solders chased a Palestinian car and arrested four, Palestinians, Baha’ Jayyousi, Assem tawil, Khaled Zighari and Khaled Younis.

Troops left the area, but kept the city under siege.  Local residents said the army closed Jabara military checkpoint which is the main eastern entrance of the city in addition to Bal’a military checkpoint.

The Palestinian areas have been under siege since the Jewish holidays started last week.  The siege was prolonged and is expected not to be lifted before the end of the Israeli elections slated for Tuesday.