Before the Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons are transferred to court, they have to go through a long journey of hardships and suffering as a result of the Israeli measures that contradicts with the International Law.

Qalqilia resident Riyadh Walweel, 50, who was released recently from an Israeli prison informed the Palestine News Network that “suffering became the companion of any detainee being transferred to court or to other prison”.

Walweel is a previous member of Qalqilia municipality council, and a member of the Islamic Zaka fund.     

“If a detainee is present in Majeddo prison, and the soldiers want to transfer him to Ofer military court near Ramallah, he will be transferred to the prisons of Shatta, Gilboa’ Al Jalama, Al Damoun, Telmond and Hadarim”, Walweel stated, “The transportation is  caged-buses with iron seats that causes back and  joints pain”.  

In each stop. the transferred detainees, exhausted, tired, hungry and thirsty, are provided with food of a bad quality, he added.

He also said that these procedures are meant to humiliate the detainees and continuously give them the feeling of instability. In many cases, the transfer process takes a week until the detainees arrive to the court.

The new Palestinian Minister of Detainee, Wasfi Kabha, said that the Israeli Prison Authority is using these methods in order to humiliate the detainees and to “defeat the spirit of the steadfast detainees”.