Thursday morning, Israeli soldiers and under-cover units, invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and arrested five residents; army claims that two of the arrestees were planning to attack a military camp near Jenin.

A local source in Jenin reported that under-covered soldiers, driving a Palestinian licensed vehicle arrived earlier on Thursday morning at the main junction in the center of Jenin, and broke into a bakery at the entrance of the Old City of Jenin.

After breaking into the bakery, the under-covered troops arrested three residents working there and took them to an unknown destination.

 The three residents were identified as Ali Hardan, Raed Al Kamel and Mohammad Al Saadi.

In a separate incident, soldiers arrested two residents of Jenin as they were present near Salem Israeli military camp, west of the city.

The two residents were identified as Mojahid Monjid Jasser, 19, and Mustafa Abu Sa’id.

Israeli army source claimed that soldiers found “combat tools” with the two residents, and that they were transferred for interrogation.